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(TIP) VMware vCLS issue | vSphere HA virtual machine monitoring action

Recently I encountered an error related to vCLS machines, which resulted in a Warning message saying “vSphere HA virtual machine monitoring action” and after searching this problem on the VMware website, two articles appeared that only described what it might be about (2064233 and 2064236).



After checking the logs, I noticed that the server had problems with the storage it was on from time to time, or more precisely, it simply stopped being available because I found a log saying that the connection had been lost.



As it turned out, the cluster for which these machines are responsible also has storage connected to the backup server, which in certain circumstances becomes unavailable, and as you can guess, this is where VMware decided to place the mentioned servers.

To solve this problem, we need to remember about a very useful function in VMware that allows you to define which datastories can be used for vCLS machines and I'm not talking about the affinity rules.

In order to set this parameter, follow the path


Cluster -> Configure -> Datastores (under vSphere Cluster Services section) -> ADD (on the vCLS Allowed tab)



After defining the datastores, you could see that the new vCLS servers were created according to my settings as to their location.

When these tasks were completed, VMware stopped reporting the problem with vCLS servers.




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